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How Total Adblock works

Total Adblock is available as a browser extension as well as a mobile application. It works by blocking ads, pop-ups, and notifications. The level of blocking may vary depending on the platform, device and specific settings. For example, on mobile devices it may not be possible to stop adverts built within apps such as games or tools, as the adverts are served directly into the application.

We improve our users' experience by reducing distractions and page load times, and we also help to protect our user privacy and security by blocking trackers and malicious ads.

Total Adblock blocks content by:

Blocking Requests

Total Adblock blocks requests made by web pages and mobile apps to load ads, pop-ups, and notifications. It does this by using filters that recognize and block URLs and scripts associated with advertising networks.

Hiding Ads and Pop-ups

Total Adblock can also hide ads and pop-ups that have already been loaded on a page. This is done by modifying the HTML and CSS of the page to remove or hide the ad elements.

Blocking trackers

Total Adblock is also able to block trackers which are used by advertisers to collect data on users behaviour and deliver personalized ads. This helps to protect user privacy and prevent tracking across different websites and apps.

Total Adblock is available for

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via Microsoft Edge Addons

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